Signage for Sellers

How to Sell?

First, make sure you are on the MAP by completing and sending the sellers registration form.

Sellers hints and tips are below.

These are the top things you can go to attract people to shop with you:

  • Have lots of signs, balloons, music.
  • Be near other sellers.
  • Post pictures of your stall and items in the Facebook Group on the day.

Coronavirus Considerations

We of course all want to remain safe. There are a few additional things sellers will need to consider this year:

Provide hand sanitiser for people to use before and after handling goods.

Ensure social distancing by marking 2 metre apart spots on the ground (pavement chalk works well).

Use hand sanitiser after handling cash.

Use contactless or electronic payments if an option.

Wear a face covering or have a screen when dealing with customers.

How to Print The Signs

Click on the sign image below to see the full sign.  You can then either tap it on mobile or right click on a laptop or computer to either save it and then open it to print or copy it to paste it and print.  They are all jpg images so you can use whatever software or apps your device has for printing images.  They are all A4 dimensions but can be scaled smaller or larger.


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Tips For Sellers

Get a sign up before the day and more on the day so shoppers can find you.

Get out the bunting, balloons, get creative with your own signs, anything to make your sale stand out!

Lock your house whilst the sale is in progress.

Group similar things together for easy finding eg. garden, baby, books etc.

Group things of a similar price together, do bundles and multi-buys.

Have lots of change at the ready.  Aprons with pockets and bumbags are great for this – don’t forget your hand sanitiser.

Even if you don’t have a card payment machine, people can pay electronically using their phone.

Put away anything you don’t want to sell!!

Price to sell!!  As a guide – up to 40% of the purchase price – depending on condition.

Dealers will turn out early and haggle hard – know your price and stand your ground!

Have fun, put some music on and enjoy the day.

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